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Management Consultancy

By Understanding Your Business & Giving You What You Want – co creating and collaborating throughout – providing guidance
and advice along the way.

What the
coaching offers

Using Insight & knowledge from your diagnostics, we’ll enable you to realise immediate process wins, from quick fixes right through to long term sustainable improvements.

Our varied diagnostic methods and ongoing measurement mean we overturn stones and uncover process wins, amendments, communication changes , challenging the accepted barriers that are not always clear, or accepted as ‘the way it is’

You’ll benefit by us working in your business to get under the skin, listening to the conversations and language, seeing the processes in action – a fresh pair(s) of eyes and holding up the mirror to the ‘norm’

Our unique diagnostic and measurement tool – set to ask the direct, Specific and targeted questions that get the Insight you really need to understand how to plot a path to your business aspiration – whatever that might be

Making sure your team keeps motivated when working from home is key so we will focus on how best to keep motivated

Home working increases the challenges you have as a business so we will look into how best to deal with these

Perfect for:

Team Members
All the team

How it all works


Introduction Meeting

To understand the individual’s context and goals. The coaching process and confidentiality are discussed and this meeting provides an essential ‘chemistry check”.


Coaching Objectives

 We will discuss your business objectives and how we can work around all of the objectives and how to do this throughout your whole team. This can be done in-person or virtually.

All of our courses are set out differently. You can see here there is a set layout for how the course will run, however this will be changed and be bespoke for your businesses objectives.


Flexible Structure

Each business has a different structure so to make sure that we get the best for you we will make a flexible structure suited to your needs.


Bespoke Interventions

Every team member needs a different set of objectives so we will work with each team member to give the best objectives and outcomes.

Benefits of the course

This course offers alot of learning opportunities for your whole business and team members

  • Development of potential within the team members and business.
  • Improved motivation throughout your team and within the workplace.
  • Sustainable performance required for growth within your business and team.

Why Specific
learning & coaching ?

Bringing together over 40 years of industry experiences from Financial Services and Travel Retail, we’ve got a real desire to work with aspirational businesses, co-creating fun, friendly and exceptional customer experiences, and delivering a change which is measured and sustained..

  • Super Curious about your business challenges
  • Always wondering how far you and your team can achieve
  • Forever looking through customers eyes and holding up the mirror
  • Prepared to lift up rocks, shake the tree and be there to re-organise the pieces
  • Committed to using diagnostics and detailed analysis from the centre of the business to create the growth plan … growing your own success…